In the morning we visit the most spectacular ancient ruins on the Aegean coast of Turkey; Ephesus; the sight is almost intact; The Odeon, The Hadrian Temple, Scolastica Bath, Trajan Fountain, TERRACE HOUSES, etc;  and of course the magnificent Celceus Library; almost intact. We also get to see the largest amphitheatre of Turkey; accommodates almost 25,000 people!!! A lot to see in Ephesus!!! Then, we drive up to the Nightingale Mountain to see the Mary's shrine; where she spent her last years nearby Ephesus; a house became a pilgrimage place not only by the Christians but also by the Turks!! Very charming and peaceful place. We have our open buffet type lunch break in the town of Selcuk and then we visit in the same town; the museum of Ephesus. It   houses very rare artifacts from the sight among them is the most famous Statue of Artemis; the Greek Goddess, we call her multi breasted Artemis. The Romans call her Diana. If you do not want to see the museum then I replace it with the ruins of Basilica of St. John. According to ancient tradition John died in Ephesus and buried under a basilica built on top of it. We also get to see the ruins of the Temple of Artemis which used to be one of the Seven Wonders of the World. (This temple is situated outside of Ephesus).

Tour strength: Moderate activity. Hats, sun screens are must in the summer months. It takes about twenty five minutes to get to the sight of Ephesus from Kusadasi harbor. The above tour takes about 7 hours including lunch break. I always allow some free time for my guests to do some shopping in the afternoon as the area are full outlets; like rug weaving  centers, ceramics and leather outlets, etc.