The city, known as "Beautiful Izmir", lies on the shores of a large bay furrowed by ships and yachts and encircled by mountains. We start our tour from KADIFEKALE CASTLE. On Mt. Pagos, the impressive ruins of the castle and its walls, built by Lysimachus in the reign of Alexander the Great (4th century B.C.), still dominate the city. The view from the castle over the Bay of Izmir is magnificent. Then, we continue to Agora, or market place, was built during the time of Alexander the Great. What remains today, however, dates from the rebuilding under Marcus Aurelius after the earthquake of 178 A.D. We visit the Archaeological Museum. The Museum, which is close to Konak square, has marvelous collection of antiquities, of which the statue of Posedion and Demeter from the Agora is fine example. We also visit the Hisar Mosque. This attractive mosque is the largest and oldest in Izmir. It was built in the 16th century. The interior is delightfully decorated and the mimber (pulpit) and the mihrap (altar) are interesting. Finally, we visit Kemeralti Market. Most visitors find the streets of Kemeralti Market area fascinating. It is possible to find all manner of things including antiquities, jewellery, clothing and the dried figs and sultanas for which Izmir is famous.
Tour strength: Moderate activity. The tour lasts approx. 4 hours. Comfortable shoes are must. The headscarves for women are provided by the mosques in Turkey. Shoes are taken off when entering any religious buildings in Turkey. Shorts and T-shirts are fine during summer months. 

Best time to visit: Tuesday - Sunday
Izmir Archaeological Museum is closed on Mondays.