Izmir's most prestigious spots. We visit Bet-Israel Synagogue in the same neighborhood. This synagogue was built in 1907. The most beautiful of the synagogue is its wooden decorations. The two piece of Tevah (Bimah) and the Ehal Akodesh Bloc have been made of massive mahogany by the most famous masters of that period. Upper gallery of the synagogue serves as a museum. Then, we drive to Kemeralti Shopping Bazaar area to go to Havra Street and the Synagogues. Havra Street gets its name form the many synagogues that line it. In the 15th century, at the invitation of the Ottoman Empire, Jewish families from Spain migrated to Izmir and made Havra Street and its environs their homes. The area is known as the Jewish Quarter not only because of their large population but because, in addition to their success in the area of Commerce, the Jews injected a different but special quality, not only to Havra Street but to Izmir in general, with their traditions, customs and cuisine. First we visit the Sinyora Geveret Synagogue; built in the 16th century. Then Algazi Synagogue and finally Shalom Aydinli Synagogue built in the 17th century. Most of these synagogues have been influenced by the traditional Ottoman decoration style. Once, there were nine synagogues in the same street but there are only four in active. Free time at Kemeralti Shopping bazaar; Turkey's largest and Izmir's  most colorful and lively bazaar or in two storied Kizlaragasi Inn built by the Ottomans in the 18th century but now serves as a shopping center.

Visiting procedure of the synagogues in Izmir. A special permission has to be obtained from the secretary of the Jewish community of Izmir. Full names, passport numbers and permanent home addresses have to be faxed in advance. I arrange such permission before hand on behalf of my clients.

Half day tour of Izmir can be combined with Jewish heritage tour.