"Levent Rules!"

"We used him last September and think of him and his country often. While touring with a guide you tend to listen in or watch what other guides are doing and saying. Of course we also did this while with Levent and I have to say none could compare. We would have missed half of what we saw in Istanbul without Levent's services."

"I cannot say enough for Levent Solmaz. After three days with him in Istanbul and a full day in Kusadasi/Ephesus, we were spoiled! What a difference from the large bus tours offered by others."

"We just got back from a Greek Isle cruise. While in Istanbul we had a private guide (Levent Solmaz) who was just fantastic. We had him for three days in Istanbul and one day in Kusadasi. We were a group of ten on a bus which could have seated more than twenty. He tailored the tours to meet our requests."

"We used Levent last September and I'm so glad to see all of your raving about him. Often times when we remember our cruise and Istanbul we first think of Levent and then Turkey. The comment about leaving a friend behind was so true!!"

"We also used Levent as a guide during our visit to Istanbul. He really explained the country, their religion and the history to my wife and myself. He speaks English with practically no accent, having studied abroad in England and the USA. It makes a difference is a guide is personable and effective...you will not be sorry in utilizing Levent's skills."

"Levent Solmaz is fantastic !!! We highly recommend him. He is very responsible, flexible, personable and intelligent. An all around great guide."

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